More on the benefits of Executive Coaching


Making the impossible happen

– Do you want to up your game?

– Are you tired and frustrated of not being able to give your deepest gift to the world?

– Are you jaded with pretense and mediocrity?

– Is it time for you to engage the impossible?

– Are you willing to play the most exciting game of all and make the impossible happen?

This is your chance to reach your full potential, renew your motivation and thrive in the abundance of the moment.

This is not run-of-the mill coaching. This is high impact executive coaching through which your capacity for living is expanded.  Coaching or mentoring is dedicated to expanding consciousness in a way that leads to more effective action. And more effective action results in better performance in both life and work. This takes place within a relationship between the executive coach and the coachee in a specific context and opens doors to better leadership and management qualities.

The cornerstones in a coaching relationship are (among others):

  • mutual honouring of the humanity of coach and client,
  • trust,
  • two-way confidentiality
  • mutual, rigorous commitment to excellence expressed in tangible results.

Coaching is a relationship dedicated to personal development, growth and positive transformation.

It is not an abstract dry analysis of your past. It’s a profound enquiry into who you are, what makes you tick, what is holding you back and where you need help in order for you to succeed.  It’s an opportunity to shift your consciousness and explore the unlimited possibilities of who you can be. It is an opportunity to enjoy the type of life worth living and create an awesome and compelling future.


The premise of coaching and executive training

You are the master of your life. Ancient mystics taught that a prisoner cannot free himself from prison. An executive coach is someone skilled in freeing you from your self-imposed prisons.   Only by being in tune with who you are, accepting reality and being realistic can you reclaim your power and create a future full of abundance, joy, freedom and love.

You set the coaching agenda. My only agenda is to support, enlighten and empower you. I will also  challenge you and engage you to be all that you can be.


The overall goals of coaching

The overall focus is always to facilitate personal development in a way that:

  • increases awareness,
  • encourages natural integration and greater competency,
  • while simultaneously  ensuring that suffering lessens,
  • fulfilment and satisfaction increase and joy and the freedom to take authentic action expand.

As a result of effective coaching you will feel better, lighter and more whole. You will have practical tools enabling you to have increased perception, energy, inspiration and excitement. You will be clear about who you are, what you want and where you are going.  You will acquire new sources of power that were previously unavailable to you to create that which previously seemed impossible. You will be authentically empowered.


Coaching methodology

An executive coach must understand very specifically what they are trying to achieve in a coaching session – where they are going, why and how – in order to be constantly helpful.  Coaching or mentoring is a process. It is not a quick fix. It takes place through powerful interactions designed and structured in a way to affect you subtly yet profoundly. Your consciousness begins to expand and shift.

As your consciousness shifts, your energy shifts, and as your energy shifts, your life begins to shift.

At the same time various practice and focused actions from a whole range of disciplines are designed and implemented for you to evolve outside of the coaching interaction.

If you are ready to take a stand for your life, your growth and living your full potential give me a call. I look forward to helping you affect positive change in your life.


Executive coaching/transition coaching

I provide leaders with one-on-one confidential coaching and the opportunity to focus on and develop themselves, their performance and their visions.  The executive coaching programme is designed to provide you with the insight and skills needed to master personal states of consciousness as well as to evoke excellence from your team.

One-on-one executive coaching offers you the space to be yourself, share your concerns, work through your issues and discover anew what really matters to you in a private and supportive environment.

Grow your personal stature and leadership impact. Learn to identify the gaps between your image, beliefs and your behaviours, and how to close those gaps. Learn to build trust, and rapport. Create more authentic authority, enhance your presence and increase your impact in your interactions with others.  Is there a decision that you are putting off making? Have a coaching conversation with me for clarity,  decision and action.

Many executives confide in me that they are either bored or after some type of promotion simply winging it.

If either of these sentiments is true give me a call and release the pressure and stress!


Executive coaching works

Every business, no matter how successful, always has room for improvement. Do you want to increase your profits? Or encourage your team to work more productively?  Changes like these are easily within your reach. Working with a professional coach will help you gain perspective, get a more accurate understanding of your current situation, identify changes you want to make and help you find your power to actually do so. A coach is a facilitator – empowering you and your employees to make positive changes that will propel you to greater successes.


Secrets to transforming your future

Since I specialized in executive and leadership coaching over ten years ago, I have assisted individuals and companies to develop and dramatically shift their results with just a few simple steps.

Here’s what I mean:

  • One company considerably increased its profits thanks to a new sales campaign.
  • Another achieved international media coverage for a new product.
  • Another transformed a fragmented and siloed organisation into an integrated set of successful departments that engage with each other.

You can do it too. Get in touch to start the journey and transform your business.


Learn the secrets to success

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from McKenzie to Deloitte and HSBC. Each one was different, with different aspirations and challenges.

Everyone agreed on:

  • the importance of creating a culture of high performance,
  • transformational leadership,
  • profitability and enjoyment.

It all begins by looking at your business with fresh eyes, which is where executive coaching can help you. Everyone is different, so we offer tailor-made management development programmes to suit you.

Through confidential one-on-one sessions, we will work together to implement five simple strategies to bring your business to life:

  • Identifying authentic aspirations and formulating clear achievements around them.
  • Discovering and challenging your limitations
  • Thinking creatively to stretch your habitual expectations
  • Offering a safe environment to experiment with new ways of thinking
  • Creating new inspiration and a positive attitude within your team

You can get started on these strategies right away.


Goal-setting: deciding what you really want

Do you want to inspire your team to think more creatively? Or develop a culture of accountability rather than blame? Or attract a wider audience for your flagship product?

Decide what your primary intention is right now.
Clear intentions are the secret to success. So decide what it is that you really want for yourself, your colleagues, and your business.

Write it down and make it as clear as possible, so that there’s no room for misinterpretation. Positive goals are more attractive and effective than negative ones, so make your primary goal something that you want to achieve and look forward to.


Discover what’s really holding you back

Sometimes the source of your success can be the source of your limitation too. Sticking to your strengths can lead to predictable successes, but also prevent you from taking the next step and making any considerable improvements.

To really move forward, you need to find out what’s holding you back. Executive coaching provides a safe environment to venture into new and untried territory.

Start the journey and get in touch today

One-on-one confidential coaching and revolutionary programmes in executive development, leadership and management development will empower you to make important changes. Executive leadership coaching and performance coaching can help with a spectrum of issues, from creating a new context, transforming your culture, developing accountability and motivation and authentic team building for an inspiring future.


Be the change your business needs

One-on-one confidential coaching and revolutionary programmes in executive team coaching will empower you to make important changes, create a new context for increased profitability and a positive working environment.

Be the change your company needs. Get in touch today.