More on the Benefits of using a Facilitator


Why a facilitator will save you time and money

Even successful businesses have room for improvement and need to address these if they want to continue their success. That might mean finding new ways for teams to interact with one another. It might mean cutting costs, or putting new strategies in place to help achieve your goals more effectively.

A fresh perspective is often a valuable tool for change. Even managers that have extensive in-depth knowledge of the business will benefit from reassessing the big picture.  An objective viewpoint will help you discover existing weaknesses and flaws or identify new opportunities for growth that only an outsider can see.

A professional facilitator will transform the way you do business, from the way you hold meetings or undertake group activities to redefining your company goals. Unproductive meetings that don’t get results are frustrating and a waste of company resources which negatively affect profits.

Let me provide you with the business coaching you need to use meetings as a vital tool to improve the communication of your business.

A facilitator can help:

  • Refocus  unproductive meetings
  • Avoid lengthy and tedious group sessions where no decisions are reached
  • Defuse tensions caused by challenging individuals


Make the most of every minute

I have spent the last fifteen years as an executive coach and workshop facilitator, mentoring businesses just like yours on how to get fast and long-lasting results that offer real development for the organisation.

Besides offering a fresh perspective, as an experienced facilitator I’m adept at delivering presentations, judging the mood of the audience and engaging participants’ right from the get go.

There are substantial benefits to using a professional facilitator, who can:

  • Command the attention of the room
  • Create a comfortable environment for everyone
  • Keep participants focused and engaged
  • Defuse conflict and challenging behaviours
  • Ensure that everyone’s point of view is heard
  • Assess the dynamic of the group
  • Develop commitment to a common vision
  • Set measurable, achievable and specific goals to track progress


Transform the way you work

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from McKenzie to Deloitte and HSBC. Each one faced different challenges and was motivated by different goals, but everyone agreed on the importance of high performance, profitability and passion for their work.

These things can be achieved by looking at your business with fresh eyes, which is where a facilitator can help you. Everyone is different, so I’ll always take the time to understand your unique requirements before leading a workshop.

The workshop hinges on five simple strategies:

  1. Identifying positive goals for change
  2. Discovering and challenging your limitations
  3. Thinking creatively to stretch your habitual expectations
  4. Offering a safe environment to experiment with new ways of thinking
  5. Creating a positive attitude within your team


Encourage team development and reveal leadership potential

Is your team functioning at its optimum?
Are your team members fully engaged?
Need a boost of inspiration?


Teams, who have fun together, learn together, work better together and stay together.

Many managers forget the importance of good team dynamics and the role of motivated leaders. This is your chance to unlock the potential of your team through multi-level team training and dedicated facilitation.

I run specially purposed leadership adventures which provide the perfect opportunity to focus on inspired, motivational leadership development and executive training in an informal environment.

You will have the opportunity to get away, have fun and most importantly reconnect to your purpose in a beautiful environment away from the office!

Take a day to rejuvenate, refocus, be inspired and build bonds with the important colleagues in your life.

We will work on any or all of the four critical components of your business:

1. Your strategy
• Clarify your authentic strategy
• Work on your most inspired vision
• Define your mission
• Set your goals

2. Your leadership
• Find your flow
• Reclaim your inspiration
• Realign with your purpose
• Reconnect with your team and its priorities to build your future

3. Your culture
•  Values
•  Operating principles
•  Nature and power of your engagement
•  Nature and types of conversations you are having
•  The stories you are telling
•  Expectations – are you clear about what is expected of you and what you expect of others?

4.  Your performance (effectively/ productivity/ creativity)
• Results you want to achieve
• Clarity – help create a culture of clarity
• Execution – how to get it done
• Commitment – how we perform is a reflection of the depth of our commitment


Make the change today

Are you ready to take the next step, save your business time and money and bring about positive change?

If you are, I’d love to hear from you.

I offer a wide variety of programmes tailor-made to suit your needs and unique requirements, on the subjects of leadership, personal performance, prosperity and higher consciousness.

Why wait to change your business for the better? Get in touch today to see how I can help you.