More on the Benefits of using a Life Coach


Create a positive future through life coaching that works

If you’re tired of a life of apathy and hungry for change but don’t have the necessary tools needed to make the transformation, I am here to guide you. Your attitude and adaptability to change are contributing factors to how you deal with stress and can hinder your success. Through personal coaching and mentorship, we will work together on you, your life and your goals.

I combine influential conversation with transformational learning techniques which help you stay organised and focused on the goals you want to achieve. These techniques have been proven to be effective and are designed to work with your personality and strengths so you can achieve untold success in your life.

Life coaching will enable you to:

  • shift your mind set, expand your scope of possibility
  • release new sources of power to better achieve your goals
  • build your capacity for bold powerful action
  • improve and grow as a person


Why do you need a life coach?

Your life coach is your equal partner and here to help you explore your inherent creativity and resourcefulness. Life coaching involves highly specific communication techniques delivering one-on-one support and an objective sounding board to help you achieve greater success and improve performance in your life.

A life coach will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone focusing on what you want to achieve and how to get there.

Benefits of life coaching and personal mentorship

  • Improved confidence and self-awareness
  • Authentic living
  • Development of positive long-term habits which support your goals
  • Identification and elimination of self-destructive habits which hinder progress
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Leadership development
  • Improved communication

Through the mentoring process you will become more empowered, conscious and liberated. As your coach I will push you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

 Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

My approach is personal, informal yet rigorous and professional. I have over 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients who have benefited from my eclectic approach to life coaching.

I provide a safe space to explore new possibilities,  stay true to who you are, evolve emotionally, take authentic action and create the results you want. Life coaching is ideal for those who would like to develop their leadership skills and need to learn the skills necessary to kick start their motivation to achieve their best.


The premise of Life Coaching and Mentoring

Life coaching works from the premise that you already have all the answers you require for your life. Coaching is the art of asking the right questions and unlocking the answers you already have within. Through active and participative listening, coaching becomes a powerful catalyst for change and you will receive all the support you need to move from the place you are currently, to the place you want to be.

I am here to help you navigate the winds of change and empower you to live the best life possible by holding you accountable for your actions and motivating you to achieve the goals you set.


The overall goals of Life Coaching and Mentoring

The overall focus of life coaching and mentorship is to facilitate personal development and to assist you with setting and meeting your life goals to find success. You will be coached in how to unlock your individual potential and live a full life that is satisfying, joyful and authentic.

You will be taught invaluable practical life skills which you will be able to use throughout your life. Life coaching will take you on a journey of self-exploration that will change your perception of the world, will inspire you to achieve your best, empowering you to move from ‘functional’ to ‘optimal’.

If you are considering a coaching intervention, contact me for an obligation free meeting in which we will discuss your needs, which one of my programs would most benefit you and see how we can work together.