More on the benefits of Motivational Speaking


Rediscover your excitement

Even the best-run, most vibrant organisations occasionally need a little extra stimulus to maintain their high performance. It can be easy for long-established companies to get comfortable with familiar ways of working, familiar faces, and unchanging goals.  Maintaining  a strong, consistent mission is an excellent thing but wouldn’t it be even better  if you could maintain that consistency and inject new life into it too? Hiring a motivational speaker can do exactly that!

It often takes someone new to help businesses to see things in a different light and a fresh perspective is a valuable asset to any business.

As someone who has been a consultant for over ten years, I have worked with some wonderful organisations. Each is inspiring in its own way, and each has its own challenges to face. Thanks to the inspirational people I have met, I’ve seen what makes people tick, what excites them, and what  spurs them on to meet new challenges or revisit old ones. That’s why I love bringing this knowledge to new clients and guiding them on their own business journeys.


Dedication, motivation and passion

I believe that no business can survive without passion. I bring a strong message of motivation and enjoyment to my clients because with  motivation, you truly can achieve exceptional things. You don’t have to be super rich, or incredibly gifted, or have phenomenal intelligence to do well. But you do need to want to succeed.

If you truly want to succeed in your goals, you will do so.

And that is the message that I reinforce to my audiences.


Sharing real life experiences to drive success

My presentations are based on real and on-going experiences as a leadership facilitator to high profile clients across the world. Most of my work comes from word-of-mouth recommendation and  repeat business.  As a business owner, I understand the things that matter  to corporate leaders are having and maintaining a core mission, healthy teamwork, realistic goals, change management, and strong leadership. I’ve spent the last ten years empowering men and women in senior management roles to make significant changes to their business.

The results speak for themselves:

  • One company cut its operating costs by 3% thanks to a bold new technology
  • Another increased sales in under a month thanks to clearer goal-setting
  • Another stopped a trend of losing skilled workers to competitor organisations
  • A small start-up firm achieved international media coverage for a new product.

These experiences mean I’m dedicated to creating enthusiasm in my clients – whether individually, or for the whole business.


Get in touch today

I love speaking to audiences of any size – from a handful of people to a hall that seats hundreds. I understand that every business has its unique challenges, values and motivations and love exploring these. Whatever your industry, whatever your goals, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch today to discuss your company’s needs and the topics most relevant to you – from creating a positive working culture to having the courage to make important changes in your company.