“Jonti is a dynamic individual who is able to inspire people to new heights. His ability to transform individuals and teams is truly rare.  Jonti’s unique background enables him to bring highly specialised expertise to the realm of human and business performance that makes working with him invaluable. His ability to guide and advise on both  personal and business issues is incredible.
Jonti uses a combination of cutting edge methodologies that simultaneously combine the three process of consulting, coaching and facilitation. Each intervention is custom designed for your unique context. Jonti addresses the four pillars of your organisation: Leadership, strategy, business performance, and culture. As a result of this the impact of his intervention is far reaching and permanent ensuring your return on investment is high.
Jonti teaches that there are two ways to live your life, lead and build your organisation. One is through chasing butterflies. (trying, hoping, stressing and reacting) The other way is to build an inspiring garden that attracts butterflies. Are you working on your net or on your garden? You’re either building attraction or destroying it. Jonti has helped me to shift my entire orientation from chasing butterflies to building attraction in both my personal and business life.”

Michael Allschwang

Managing Executive : Vodacom Business

“I’ve never been a fan of coaching but Jonti’s contribution is very different to what I expected. His depth of knowledge, multi-disciplinary approach coupled with a sixth sense for underlying issues makes his contribution vital and insightful. Conversations assume direction, structure and ultimately produce break-through moments. His coaching programme and method benefit not only the individual through self-realisation and re-calibrating reality, but more importantly from a corporate perspective he forges talented people into high-performance teams.”

Gordon Patterson

Group MD : Starcom MediaVest Group

“Before I met you I was a corpse waiting for my death certificate, now that I met you I’m alive I feel like an innocent 16 year old girl, Thanks very much Jonti, you are amazing. God Bless you.”


Pick n Pay

“I highly recommend Jonti’s resilience training to any manager who is serious about building a high performing team.  The incredible insights and tools he imparts are truly life changing. Your mind will open, your team dynamics will improve  and your ability to create results will dramatically increase. It certainly took my team to a new level of consciousness and productivity. It is without a doubt the best personal and professional coaching course I have ever done.”

Debbie Combrink

Marketing Manager : Tsogo Sun

“When I started working with Jontii I was really lost. I had just started my own company and was experiencing all the usual labour pains involved in any new venture. In addition to that, I was having serious identity issues both in my professional and personal life. I wasn’t sure what I was good at, passionate about, where my strengths lay, what I should continue to pursue and what I should abandon and leave behind.  In short I needed serious help. Jonti’s process is very unique. His depth of knowledge and expertise allows him to intuitively give the right guidance and direction in the right moment. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge. I was able to identify many obstacles in my life that I had unconsciously allowed to sabotage my progress in life. He assisted me to identify what I am authentically brilliant at and passionate about and how to leverage that new found knowledge to propel me forward and on to big changes and ultimately success.“

Kathy-Jo Wein

MD : Maverick Warehouse

“I’m in awe of Jonti’s wizardry in guiding to me to some very profound insights about life in general and myself in particular. Before starting the program I was feeling very lost and directionless. I now find myself feeling very calm and centered which comes from realising that I do have power and now know my life’s purpose. Jonti is brilliant at what he does and maybe the true beauty of working with him is that he helps you realise that you too can be brilliant.”


“Jonti has changed my life. I was at a crossroad and  it really helped me to know that there was someone that I could talk to who wouldn’t bombard me with his opinion or his version of my story. The process of discovering exactly what I wanted and why it was important to me was invaluable.
Jonti’s skill has allowed me to effectively manage the situation on my own and I am beyond grateful for his guidance and the positive difference he was able to make in my life in a really short time.”

Rochelle Singh


“Jonti is an incredible coach committed to improving your personal & professional life. He has a tremendous ability to connect with people and inspires one to move in  a positive direction. Part of his coaching is based on being accountable for one’s own successes & undoubtedly improves your quality of life!!”


Builders Warehouse

“Working with Jonti has been a turning point in my life. I had been on a path of conscious living and reflection, for the last 11 years, so I knew where some of my blocks were. But I was somewhat stuck on clearing them, falling back to old patterns of behavior that were not serving me despite having the desire and intention for transformation. What was magical about the journey with Jonti was that in a short span of 4 months, I had left these patterns of behavior behind as if they had never been. I am working harder than ever, but there is ease and joy, and I am manifesting the incredible life that I have always desired.”

Shobha Nayar

CFO : Co-Creation Partners

“Comparing myself to the first day I attended your sessions and to now, I’m like a different person. I have grown in confidence, wisdom on how to view things in a different light, how to show up, how to be more focussed and in the now, and much much more. I have found my goal in life again and am better equipped to achieve it and be successful in whatever I want to do or be in life.
Thank you for this, Jonti – you are an awesome coach and I valued our sessions with you.”


Tsogo Sun

“I have learnt so much through coaching sessions with Jonti, I have really tapped into an inner power that I never knew I had and made bold moves in my journey of self-discovery. Anyone who wants to elevate not only their careers but their but all aspects of their life has to get on this course, I am so glad to have had the opportunity.”

Phumzile Siboza


“I have been working with Jonti for many years. During this time, Jonti has assisted and supported me in reaching my goal of becoming CEO and is still an integral part in supporting me to manage and grow the business to a successful entity.
His ability to put things into perspective and show a different angle to a problem has assisted me in looking for solutions outside of the norm, always first looking what role I can or should be playing in the solution. This not only enables me to apply simple, logical principles but teaching me how to apply the power of distinction to grow the business. In addition I have learned how to manage the executive team effectively, foster responsibility and accountability, handle difficult situations with confidence and act as a true leader in my position.
Emotional Intelligence is critical in running a successful business and with his exceptional approach to this topic; he translates difficult situations into manageable, simple units applying effective principles to get the best out of the situation. In addition, Jonti’s view on strategic direction and growth in the business, combined with the concept of value is phenomenal and the application has proven the theory with double digit growth figures in my business. The outcome has been that I have turned the business around from a loss making entity two short years ago, to a sustainable business with long term future projects to ensure the sustainability and continuation thereof.
Jonti is exceptionally effective and I can, with confidence, recommend him to any individual or group who requires a coach to assist in career and business growth or just to reach your full potential and live your dreams on a personal front.”

Alida Smit

Chief Executive Officer : Sherwood International

“I was certainly blown away by really small or what appeared to be small things you coached me on which in fact had massive impact on my life both personally and professionally. When you came to see us I had just started another new eating plan, to lose weight, one of many over the years. As a result of that coaching session, I got where I wanted to go with my weight and also applied the same principals to my goals for work related figures and targets. As a result I have had a phenomenal year and I am on top of the world.”

Anthia Murphy

Sasfin Bank

“Jonti has a unique ability to unlock the potential within individuals and teams. He has been the catalyst in the transformation of our perspective, leadership and business strategy. Our weekly team and 1:1 coaching sessions will remain a key component of our pursuit for excellence. I have no hesitation in recommending Jonti to any individual or business.”

Grant Marshbank

Chief Operating Officer : VSC Solutions

“This has been my first experience with a Coach and I have found the whole process far more valuable that initially anticipated. Jonti’s ability to listen, assess, ask challenging questions and manage the process of me taking action has been critical. His coaching has been paramount in helping provide me with clarity and focus around my future goals. He has helped me formulate long-term goals in both the professional and personal arena. Whether as an individual or as an organisation, I highly recommend you spend a few sessions with Jonti.”

Ian Cavanagh

GM Supply Chain Planning : VSC Solutions

“Through his coaching Jonti has challenged our conventional way of thinking and have consistently shifted our scope of possibilities not only as a management team but as a company as a whole. He has recently successfully facilitated us to create an inspirational and clearly defined company strategy that is aligned with our authentic desires. We see Jonti as a critical part of our team in order to ensure growth and success going forward.”

Morne J van Rensburg

Chief Executive Officer : VSC Solutions

“Jonti Mayer coached the senior Massbuild HR Team. His coaching process led us to great self insight and enabled us to capitalise on our strengths as a team. We have emerged from the process with the benefit of a common language in our team. Our leadership skills have been individually and collectively enhanced, resulting a powerful and effective support to our internal customers. The coaching process was intense but also great fun!”

Louise Marx

Group Training & Development Manager : Massbuild

“Jonti understands the human mind and the human emotion. It has been written that the longest journey in our lives is between our head (intellectual) and our hearts (emotional). Jonti has found a way to bring the two together effectively. He creates an environment in his facilitation where you hunger for more knowledge. One cannot attend a Jonti Mayer workshop and not start to question, which leads to personal growth and development.”

Belinda Knight

CEO : GIMT School for Business

“I have had an association with Jonti Mayer for over 2 years and without hesitation I recommend him highly as an executive coach. Jonti has skills and maturity far beyond his years and his balanced and calm approach instill confidence in those he is coaching. There is serenity about Jonti’s manner and approach that you do not tire of and his advice on day to day issues and life cannot be ignored.”

Mike Benigson

CEO : AME Steel International

“The awesome experience of Jonti’s life coaching has not only assisted me in my personal life, but has made a huge impact on the way I deal with people both personally and professional. I now wake up in the morning saying “It’s great to be alive” and I am excited to go to work.”

Darryn Solomon

Senior Relationship Banker : ABN AMRO Bank

“I’ve grown in so many ways. Jonti has guided me with profound insights and his personal methodology, based on substantial personal experience and teachings he has gained over many years. I highly recommend Jonti to anyone seeking personal enhancement of any kind.”

Anthony Nathan

CEO : Sovereign Steel

“STRATE has benefited a great deal from Jonti’s group coaching as well as the individual coaching sessions for staff members. Jonti’s teachings are applicable to people across the organization, at different levels and from different backgrounds. I would recommend his courses to any organisation.”

Tanya Knowles

Head of Marketing and HR : STRATE Ltd

“Jonti Mayer is an exciting, forward thinking coach, who is at the cutting edge of his field coaching people to excellence in business.”

Roy Grayman

Director : Portland Steel international

“Jonti has worked with me as an ontological coach for five years. It has been a personally rewarding, fulfilling and valuable experience. Jonti has a grasp of the universe way beyond his years and is able to draw on a wide range of coaching, spiritual, psychoanalytical and philosophical teaching, as well as personal experiences, in delivering his own unique style of coaching. It is an adventure well worth the effort.”

Alan Greenstein

Group MD : Sasfin Bank

“Jonti is an awesome coach who truly cares about the person he is coaching. His passion and intensity for the work he does and his desire for results makes it impossible for the person to ever feel that the impossible is not possible.  After each session there is always take home value and I need the whole week to work through the principles that he has shared with me. Thank you Jonti for your unconditional commitment to helping me make magic.”

Monica Singer

CEO : Strate LTD

“Jonti has offered me one of the most refreshing and integral learning experiences I have ever experienced.  His broad knowledge of the great Wisdom Traditions, his practical, no bullshit approach and his commitment to honest, envelope pushing personal growth have shown me dimensions of myself and of life that I had not imagined existed.  No matter whether you are seeking personal guidance, spiritual learning or just safe, judgement free companionship, I would recommend him unequivocally.”

Sheldon Cohen

CEO Corporate Services : Amalgamated Appliance Holdings Limited

“Jonti is truly an incredibly conscious and enlightened human being; his guidance has been invaluable weather social or professional. Jonti and I continue to engage on the polarity of life and it is an inspiration to connect and communicate with a human being that understands the human condition and experience.”

Craig Nadelman

MD : Mamba Media (Pty) Ltd











































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