Team Coaching


Unlock the secret to motivating innovative successful teams through team coaching

– What do we mean by team coaching?

– Find out how corporate team coaching increases efficacy

– Are you extracting the full value from your work team?

– What long term benefit will my business see from your programme?

– How will team coaching produce a proactive team?


Build your business and retain key staff members with individualised mentoring programmes

Team coaching creates authentic team alignment with a common goal and a shared vision which everyone is committed to achieving. I have been facilitating team coaching since 2000 and have successfully run thousands of team coaching sessions. With years of experience in developing customised team training programmes, I will be able to help you build the spirit of your organisation.

The team coaching process is powerful and enables participants to:

  • Connect with each other and learn how to communicate better
  • Work through barriers and find solutions to overcome them
  • Discover who they are and how their unique input can positively affect the team
  • Define their role in the team
  • Establish the collective goal of the team

Throughout the team coaching process we focus on critical leadership and management issues.  This is often most effective when a third party facilitates providing objective feedback.

Team coaching offers you the opportunity to work on your business and effect change from the inside out.  The lifelong pillar of success is learning, and this team building programme is designed to ignite the love of learning and will inject new innovation into the business. You will gain new insights and new perspectives on everyday challenges.

The team coaching process is used to:

  • engage in authentic conversation,
  • step into your flow,
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of our colleagues,
  • realign with your current priorities.

We also address the four pillars that every successful team must focus on:

  • strategy
  • leadership
  • culture
  • performance

The basic success strategies and underlying business philosophies that power the culture of a company are its purpose, vision, value, operating principles, and mission. These elements must be aligned to the company’s strategy if a team and the business is going to thrive.


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