Team Training


Create high performance cohesive teams with customised team training

– What is corporate team training?

– What impact will team training have on my business?

– What is your approach to team coaching?

– Can you help me develop leadership and accountability within the team?


Our approach to team training

Executive Consulting offers customised team training solutions to every level of your organisation excluding hard skills training.  Our unique approach develops people by combining the benefit of personalised coaching with expert training knowledge.  More than a decade of experience has taught us this is the most effective way to grow your people, unlock their potential, and mould the culture of the organisation.  The objective of team training is not only the transfer of information but more importantly transformation.  To this end we engage with you to understand the deeper needs of your organisation and put together a multilevel training AND coaching program ensuring a high  return on investment and tangible results.

We offer sales training, management training, communication training and a suite of other training solutions.

We’d love to help your business increase its profits by sharpening your teams skills and improving performance.


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