More on the Benefits of Team Coaching


Empower your people to build your business!

Corporate team coaching is an opportunity for teams to breakthrough to new levels of relationship, achievement and inspiration. This is where teams are mentored to open up and break out of their comfort zones and in so doing, embrace the opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Imagine the change a weekly team coaching session will have on your team…

Here, they will learn about their role within the team, how they can add value through their unique skill set and how they can affect the bottom line positively and increase company profits. Through authentic interaction and the power of change, your team will be inspired and motivated to achieve more and expect more from themselves.

If you or your team/employees need transformation, are seeking new challenges or wish to develop their leadership roles within the organisation, give me a call.

Integration is a challenge we must all face to achieve our goals. It is also the key to long term sustainability.

My sessions run on a weekly basis as opposed to a quick, once-off full day workshop. This gives me the opportunity to work with you and your team in real time as they emerge. My experience has proven this is the most effective formula to truly transform your consciousness, master your life, and create results.

This programme is dynamic and exceptionally powerful, as testimonials from our client’s supports. Give me a call to set up a one hour presentation for your team or if you are interested in discussing one-on-one executive coaching.


Why team players are winners

Team coaching will also assist you in effectively transforming the organisational culture within your company.  When your employees are not working effectively as a team your business suffers.

No part of your business can (or should) operate in isolation without cognisance of a holistic understanding of the company’s value chain.

For example, if you are selling a new product your sales team will work with the product’s developers to understand what makes that new product special. What can it do that other products cannot? How can it deliver value to potential customers? What are its unique design features?

Without this reciprocity, neither team gets the best results for the business. But with effective communication and a shared goal, each team can understand what the other needs and provide it quickly. This means fewer hold-ups and delays, and a smoother process right from initial research, through development, testing and delivery.

Individuals that work well as part of a team tend to feel happier, more supported and better able to do their jobs. Similarly, teams that work well with other teams contribute to a wider sense of purpose for the organisation as a whole.

A successful team spirit means:

  • A smoother process facilitated by good communication
  • More rapid response and turnaround on projects
  • Better products and more effective service for customers
  • Increased profitability for the organisation


Executive team coaching guarantees excellent results

If you’re a business leader, team coaching will demonstrate simple, practical steps to promote trust and cooperation among your team members. It is also a valuable tool used to identify leadership potential, enabling you to groom talented individuals for executive development or management positions. We also offer authentic group sessions to promote a culture of ownership and accountability that people will want to be part of.

Executive team coaching is a tried-and-tested method used to promote excellent team work within your organisation.

What to expect from team coaching

Team and performance coaching has generated amazing results – and all within only three months!

You can expect to see:

  • Improved performance, execution and delivery
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved delivery time and substantially more projects delivered on schedule and to budget


Benefit from over 10 years of experience

Our systematic approach to executive team coaching has been delivering amazing results for hundreds of teams over the past ten years. And the improvements we facilitate last far beyond the first few months. Our clients consistently report:

  • Improved trust
  • Easier communication
  • More effective meetings
  • Clearer and swifter decision making
  • More easily resolved conflicts
  • Much higher profitability
  • More business


How executive team coaching works

Team coaching leverages the power of three key areas which affect business results:

  • Execution (processes behind delivery)
  • Relationships (effective interaction between colleagues)
  • Deliverables (projects, products and business results)

Coaching and mentoring shift unconscious destructive habits which may have prevented improvements being made in the past and form  new, positive habits which are geared towards success.

We will:

  • Examine current performance in the light of team relationships and current habits
  • Promote shared accountability through goal-setting
  • Explore a positive image of success which the team can aspire to

These simple steps are easy to implement with the help of a professional coach who can facilitate the process. Once you’ve learned the basics, these lessons and techniques can be used again and again to create sustainable success your business will continue to enjoy. Get in touch today to see how easily you can make the change.